Steps to Follow When Searching for PC Games Online

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If you are a gamer and looking for a way to play great titles without spending a fortune then you should look for websites that offer free PC games. There are some steps you should keep in mind when sourcing for free PC games just to keep yourself safe.

Reasons Why Websites Offer PC Games for Free

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You are probably wondering why a website would be giving away something for free? There are a few reasons why websites are eager to provide this facility.

·    The website may also offer PC games that you will need to pay for to enjoy. These free game downloads could be used as a means to attract people to the website and after you have tried a few free games you could move forward and buy one to download. Another example of this type of marketing is when a local store has a product at a very low price they use this to get customers into the shop hoping the customer will also buy something else at full price. This is the cornerstone of retail business and it works with PC gaming downloads as well.

·    The website owner will earn money from showing advertisements so even if you do not purchase anything the website is earning money by showing you display advertisements on your screen.

·    Bundling free software with the PC game. What some websites do is bundle free software with the free PC game. When you download the game you will be asked whether you want to install the free software that was bundled. If you accept the installation and it is activated the website that provided you the download will be compensated by the software developer. This type of software distribution is very common but you need to be proactive to make sure the bundled software doesn’t contain Malware/Spyware.

·    The website is being compensated by companies that are beta testing their games. Game developers need to know whether their software is stable enough to mass distribution. One way of doing that is by having gamers beta test it. The developers use these websites to provide free PC downloads and track the feedback. With this data the developers can revise their code.

·    In-game purchases. While the PC game may be free there could be elements of the game that require a purchase to unlock additional features or benefits. This is a great way to build a fan base and generate income from the game.

We have covered the reasons why a website would offer free PC game downloads but you will need to screen the website just to make sure they are legitimate. If the website is asking you for credit card information just to access a “free download” then chances are that website is not legitimate. Legitimate websites would never ask you for this type of information. When you have completed this review and identified the websites that have the free PC gaming downloads you can start playing those games.